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What We Do

The San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area is home to a wealth and diversity of environmental education organizations and supporters. Yet we find ourselves at a point in time that requires a new approach to education—one that is collaborative and adaptive to our changing societal and environmental needs. ChangeScale was founded to develop and advance this new approach—building cohesiveness, effectiveness, and prominence in the field of environmental education throughout our region. Working collaboratively, we can achieve greater collective impact on environmental education outcomes than any one organization could achieve independently.

Realizing our vision requires building the capacity of the field for better quality and relevance and a long-term commitment to increasing access to environmental education. ChangeScale partners have developed a two-pronged approach for achieving meaningful impact in our region over the next five years. By working together, environmental educators across the region will reach more young people, while continually improving the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of environmental education in our region.


Expand Access

Over the next five years, ChangeScale’s members will expand access to environmental education for 150,000 children through community partnerships.

Build the Field

To support the growth and effectiveness of the field, ChangeScale provides opportunities for professional development and community building.