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Mission & History

Mission: ChangeScale advances the cohesiveness, effectiveness, and prominence of the environmental education field in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. Our mission is to ensure that every generation is inspired with the environmental know-how to create healthy communities and a healthy planet.

History: ChangeScale was founded in 2011. In our early development, we conducted research to better understand the opportunities available to and the challenges facing the field of environmental education. Through an open dialogue with practitioners, researchers, and funders who share a common interest, ChangeScale members worked inclusively with thought leaders across the region and country to identify strategies to increase the impact of environmental education in our region. Through ChangeScale, organizations work together to catalyze movement toward widespread integration of environmental education that strengthens the foundation for preserving the planet we all share.

Founding Members

Founding Members – Individual

Anne Burnett
Christy Rocca
Craig Strang
Cynthia Vernon
Deborah J. Wojcik
Doug Overman
Elizabeth C. Babcock

Eric Wesselman
Jason Morris
Jered Lawson
Karen Gardner
Kevin Beals
Linda S. Shore
Mary Ann Brooks

Mary Miller
Megan Schufreider
Nicole Ardoin
Paige Norberg
Patrick Koepele
Rita Bell