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Expand Access

ChangeScale-ExpandingAccessChangeScale envisions a world where all generations are inspired with the environmental know-how to create healthy communities and a healthy planet.

Realizing this vision requires a long-term commitment to increasing access to environmental education. No one organization is positioned to meet the varied needs of youth at all levels on the environmental literacy learning continuum. As such, ChangeScale partners have established an ambitious goal to forge community partnerships with schools that expand access to environmental education for 150,000 K-12 students in the Bay Area. We will accomplish this by supporting a region-wide network of community-based environmental education partnerships.

Environmental Learning Pathway Community of Practice: In 2014 we launched a community of practice among collaborative groups that are working to develop learning pathways for environmental education participants in their community. The community of practice draws on the expertise that already exists in our region, with a membership of over 40 environmental education leaders. These pathway leaders meet twice a year to develop strategies, share challenges and best practices, and to learn from one another.

ChangeScale School Partnership Initiative: This is a pivotal time in education, and an opportunity for the field of environmental education. Over the next five years, school districts across the state will implement new science standards that emphasize content and pedagogy highly aligned with skills environmental education has spent decades honing. ChangeScale and our members and supporters are seizing on this opportunity by building community partnerships that support schools to enhance student learning and embed environmental education in the core educational experiences of all youth. Through our School Partnership Initiative, ChangeScale will support providers and school districts as they work together to co-design and implement comprehensive strategies for integrating new science standards and increasing access to environmental education.