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Become a ChangeScale Member

ChangeScale supports its members’ efforts, providing meaningful ways that diverse organizations can collaborate to ensure that environmental education is a cornerstone of lifelong learning for all. Working together, we can foster meaningful connections to the natural world, build individual and collective leadership, and create a more environmentally literate and engaged citizenry.

Over the past year, over 170 leading organizations in our region participated in ChangeScale convenings, workshops, and initiatives. Be a part of the movement! 

We invite you to join us and lead. Together, we can be a relevant and unified voice for environmental education.

As one of the founding members of ChangeScale, the Tuolumne River Trust is testimony that ChangeScale is not about how big your organization is or how many people you reach, but how committed you are to making environmental education a ‘must have’ for everyone. ChangeScale models that in its workshops, where everyone is recognized as having something to bring to the table and organizers go to great lengths to create an environment of collaboration and mutual support.

~ Meg Gonzalez, Tuolumne River Trust


By joining ChangeScale, you will be investing in not only this larger regional vision for environmental education, but also in professional development for your team that is relevant, local, and collaborative. All ChangeScale members receive free entry for all of their staff to ChangeScale’s four annual professional development offerings, which address relevant topics facing our field, provide tools for integrating research into practice, and build community. By learning side by side with colleagues from the region, you and your staff receive top-quality training in an atmosphere of partnership and support.

Additional benefits include:


All interested organizations within the twelve counties of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area are eligible to join ChangeScale as institutional members.

ChangeScale membership contributions are paid on an annual basis. Dues are arranged on a sliding scale. We understand that each organization has unique circumstances.

ChangeScale is a way we are putting action behind our needs and desires to have a working network that doesn’t merely connect our work, but aligns and amplifies it. We are demonstrating the type of community we need in this work, realizing there is more to do and more to include, but still making sure we move forward together. 

~ José G. González, Latino Outdoors

ChangeScale fills a critical leadership niche in our Bay Area environmental education ecosystem. By providing essential professional development and a focus on ensuring that every single student receives environmental education, ChangeScale helps move us toward healthier communities and a more sustainable future. The California Academy of Sciences is proud to be a member of ChangeScale.

~ Elizabeth Babcock, California Academy of Sciences